's machine learning solution has launched

Launched this week, the groundbreaking propensity-to-purchase model from is an industry-leading technology that ensures our clients rescue more sessions and convert more customers.

The model has been built from over 100 million sessions, is retrained daily with the latest seasonal trends and purchase behaviour and has an accuracy rating of 86-94%. The model accurately predicts whether a visiting user is either window shopping (a clicker) or showing strong purchase intent (a buyer).

How it works

Utilising the machine learning model, site visitors are split into two personas...

“Recommind” (clicker)

The buzzword in site conversion and optimisation,'s machine learning campaigns ensure you engage customers who are showing exit intent, with effective messaging and pertinent product recommendations, to complete their purchases.  

For customers showing low levels of purchase intent,’s machine learning campaigns will typically "recommind" the user about the original items they showed the greatest interest in at the start of their session.

This behavioural technique is aimed towards users who arrive at your store with initial intent on a product, category or brand, but get distracted and become a window shopper – customer engagement at its very best.

Reinforce (buyer)

When customers leave your website without completing their intended transaction, you are betting the bank that they will find their way back to you without any assistance. Are you comfortable with this high-risk strategy?

Or, would you prefer to have’s machine learning campaigns showing tailored messaging that compliments the strong buying behaviour already demonstrated by the customer?

These campaigns reinforce your key USPs and ensure you are making every effort to convert each customer.

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Impressively, only three site interactions from the customer are enough for this powerful model to identify the customer as a clicker or a buyer.

Working with’s machine learning technology means that when your customers show exit intent, we present separate and tailored messages to your clickers and buyers. Targeted messaging shifts individuals in each group back into a purchasing mindset more effectively than any other engagement message.